This For That is a wonderful community started by people like yourself, where each member opens up a part of their closet that they want to share with others. This makes sure members can upgrade their closets without spending money to buy new things all the time.

Members can swap clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty, on a permanent or temporary basis. Entirely up to them.

When does This for That come in handy?

  • When you have a closet full of clothes and yet, nothing to wear. Sound familiar? Well, on This for That you can take all the things that are creating clutter in your closet, that you don’t want and swap them for things you really need
  • When you need something just for a particular occasion or realise too late in the day that you need something urgently for a party. It just does not make sense to run around malls, hunting for something you’re probably never going to wear again. On This for That, you can swap any such item on a temporary basis and take care of your fashion emergency!
  • When you really need that something from a friend’s closet, but feel awkward asking for it. Let’s face it, as women we always eye and wish to own what the other has. This for That makes it completely legit to ‘Ask for it’
  • When you’re a fashionista but you also hate the idea of hoarding fashion and leaving a massive carbon footprint with every single purchase. We understand that as women we can never stop buying fashion, but at least we can circulate our wardrobe and swap more and shop less?
  • When you’re swamped with gifts your really want to part with. No offence to the UK wali aunty, who thinks you’re either two sizes too big or small. Or to friends and family who have no idea what your taste in bags or clothes is. On This for That, you can swap all such ‘gifts’ for things you actually like
  • When you have the ‘Can’t Repeat’ syndrome. Maybe there is a cure for this syndrome right here. Just, maybe