THIS for THAT is place for like-minded women to share their closets, tastes and trust. It’s a great way to meet people and share your fashion experiences and advice with the world. We believe that when women come together and join forces, magic happens. Become a part of our girl gang today and begin sharing!

The onus of keeping this community absolutely fun and positive lies on each one of us. Here’s how we think we can do it:


  • Share, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that we personally love and think other people would like too
  • In case we are swapping things on a temporary basis, take the onus of
    • Dry cleaning clothes before returning
    • Making good any damage that we might have unintentionally caused to someone’s item, on mutually agreed terms
    • Cleaning shoes/bags/accessories thoroughly before we hand them back
    • Not cause any delays in returning the stuff we’ve borrowed
  • Make an extra effort to snap some pretty pictures of things we want to share. Pretty pictures mean greater response
  • Click clear and multiple photos while uploading so people get a fair idea of what exactly they are swapping
  • Describe our item(s) adequately, without leaving any vital information behind and be completely honest about the condition of our item
  • Respond to requests promptly and not keep anyone hanging
  • Make the best use of the messaging feature to decide all swap rules clearly
  • Be absolutely reasonable while assigning credits to our item(s) so as not to turn members off
  • In case of multiple requests for a single item, evaluate reasonably and respond to each request, so as not to keep anyone waiting unnecessarily
  • Respond to each other’s questions in case of a Fashion SOS and offer genuine and helpful advice
  • Come forth and offer whatever we can when someone has a real Fashion SOS
  • Talk, give feedback and make this in to a truly useful and awesome place for all of us to share fashion


  • List items which are unworthy of swapping. Torn, dirty, not in trend or ripped. This is not the place for discarded stuff
  • List stuff that is fake. At This for That, we have zero tolerance for faux brands, so please do not even think of listing a fake here
  • List items that have nothing to do with fashion, for instance furniture, electronics, etc.
  • List items that use animal skin or fur, in any form. We love animals and will not tolerate any item or brand that harms them
  • Cheat on a swap and get kicked out of the community instantly with no return ticket
  • At any moment surpass the community and engage in buying and selling using the platform’s name
  • Break another person’s trust and give the community a bad name
  • Be rude or demeaning while engaging with anyone on the platform