1. What can I list on This for That?
You can list
a. Clothes
b. Bags
c. Shoes
d. Accessories
e. Cosmetics
2. What can I not list?
a. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories that are torn, dirty, discarded, not in good condition
b. Fake brands
c. Stuff that has nothing to do with fashion, e.g. electronics, furniture, etc
3. How do I list an item on This for That?
Listing on This for That is simple:
a. Click pictures of your stuff by clicking on the upload icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the app
b. Fill in the details that are asked of you
c. Submit for review
And there! If your item matches our quality standards, it’ll be up in 24 hours
4. How do I ensure my products get noticed?
a. Click pretty pictures
b. Use our filters to enhance your pictures
c. Shoot against white and try to make an interesting composition
d. Make sure the lighting is ample and the product is clearly visible
e. Shoot as many angles to give others a complete view of your item
f. While shooting clothes, hang them on a hanger or wear them personally to get a better shot
5. Can I edit an item that has already been approved and listed?
Yes. You can edit each and every item in your profile, even after it's approved. Click on your profile photo at the bottom left of the app, you will see all your items listed there. Click on the edit icon on the item you want to edit and go ahead and make changes. Please note credit value of an item that is engaged in a swap, cannot be changed.


1. How does swapping work?
There are two ways to swap on This for That. You can decide to do any one for your stuff
a) Temporary swap: Where both swappers agree to return their items to each other after a specified period
b) Permanent swap: Where both swappers exchange stuff permanently, without any return criteria
2. How long can the temporary swap period be?
If you choose to swap on a temporary basis, you can choose from a range of durations:
a) 1 week
b) 2 weeks
c) 3 week
d) 4 weeks
These options are for the comfort and ease of our swappers. There are no hidden implications of choosing different time durations. The shipping costs remain exactly the same in all cases.
3. How do I initiate a swap?
Browse through our curated collection and click on an item you like. Then click on the swap button at the bottom to send a request to the owner. Once you hit swap, you will see swap suggestions from us. Our unique swap algorithm matches the item you want to swap, with items from your closet on different parameters to show you these suggestions. However, if you don’t like our suggestions, you can always click on the Build Your Swap button on the bottom right of the screen and build your own swap request.
4. What can I swap my item(s) for?
You can swap your item(s) for any item from someone’s closet that you mutually agree to exchange. It is not necessary to exchange clothes for clothes, bags for bags and so on. Your stuff, your rules! Alternatively, you can swap your item for credits.
5. If I like a particular item from someone’s closet but the other person does not like anything from mine, can we still swap?
Why, of course! If the other person is not willing to take anything from your closet at all, you can still swap. In this scenario, you can choose to swap for credits. What this really means is that you transfer the credit value of the item in question to the fellow swapper’s account. The fellow swapper gets their item’s worth in credits and you get the item! The fellow swapper can make use of these credits in a similar situation anytime. Read through the Credits section to know more.
6. What happens after I send a swap request to the other member?
After you send out a swap request, the other member can either accept, reject or edit the request.
a. If the member rejects your request, you will receive a notification about the same and the swap will officially close. You can, however, choose to message the fellow member and discuss the matter
b. If the member accepts your request and pays shipping for their item, you will receive a notification that your swap request has been accepted. Once you receive the notification, you are expected to proceed to shipping/purchasing credits (as the case may be) immediately. Failure to ship/transfer credits within 24 hours of receiving an acceptance notification, will lead to cancellation of the swap
c. If the member edits your request, you will receive a notification for the edited swap. You can then choose to accept or reject the edited request
7. How much time do I have to respond to swap requests?
Every member has a one day window to respond to requests. If you’ve sent a request, the receiver is expected to respond within a day’s time. If your request has been accepted, you are expected to ship/transfer credits within a day. The reason for this is simple. No one likes waiting for eternity! The idea is to be quick, responsive and helpful.
8. What happens when a member accepts the swap request but does not pay shipping?
Once a member accepts the swap request, they are expected to pay shipping for their item immediately. If the member fails to do so within 24 hours of accepting the request, the swap will be cancelled
9. What happens when a member accepts swap, pays shipping but doesn’t ship their item?
We offer three attempts for pick-up once shipping has been paid. However, if for some reason a member chooses not to ship after the three attempts, we personally follow up with them. If they still do not ship, the swap stands cancelled. Both swappers involved will be notified through email and in app notifications. Any credits spent on shipping will be reversed to your account in full. Any credits that you might have transferred to the fellow swapper’s account in this case will be credited back to your account as well. However, shipping credits will not be reversed to the defaulting member's account.
10. I accidentally rejected a swap request; can I still continue the swap?
Once you hit reject, you are given a second chance to message the fellow swapper and discuss any details about the swap. If you still hit reject, the swap stands cancelled. You will have to initiate a fresh swap from this point on to proceed
11. I don’t like what the fellow swapper has proposed but I like something else from her closet instead. How do I proceed?
You can go to the swap request notification and choose the message icon to initiate a conversation about this with the fellow swapper. Once you’ve agreed on the details, just go ahead and edit the swap by clicking on the edit swap option.
12. Can both swappers choose to edit the swap?
No. Only the person receiving the request can edit the swap.
13. How many times can I edit a swap?
If you’ve received a request but want to edit it, you can only do so once.
14. What happens if the item I want to send a swap request for is of higher value than mine?
If the item you’re swapping is of higher value, credits will automatically be added to your request to cover the shortfall. You don’t have to add/transfer credits manually.
15. I was trying to send a swap request but the app is asking me to Add Credits. What is this?
If you’re getting a message to Add Credits before initiating a swap request, it is because you have a pending settlement from a previous swap. This happens when a swap is cancelled at the delivery stage or a return request is initiated because of an error at your end. This could mean you misrepresented an item, or refused to give pick up or accept delivery. Either way, you will have to clear up any penalties from a previous swap to be able to send a new request.


Discussion is an extremely important part of the This for That experience and the message feature lets you do just that. We strongly recommend every member to hit the message icon on the top right of the app while they are deciding upon an item to swap. This ensures that the two members get to discuss details of the swap even before a swap request is sent. It saves valuable time and effort and ensures there are no vague requests flooding their phones.


1. How do I assign credits?
Assigning credits to your products is an essential part of the THIS for THAT process. Assigning is simple. Take the original price of the product, evaluate the current condition and assign a value that seems fair. In our experience assigning credits between 30-70% of the original value, depending on the condition, will get you a decent response
2. How do credits work?
Credits form the basis for all swaps on This for That. They are an integral part of swapping.
  1. Credits in the swap process: If you like an item from someone’s closet, you could either:
    1. Swap with an item: Something from your closet that is of the same value as the item you want
      For eg: You like a bag worth 4000 credits from someone’s closet. You can choose any item, say, a pair of heels worth 4000 credits, from your own closet for the swap
    2. Swap with credits: If there is nothing in your closet that you think can match the value of the item you like, you have the option of swapping for credits. Credits can be purchased from This for That at a nominal rate of 10%
      For eg: You like a bag worth 4000 credits from someone’s closet and there is nothing in your closet to match the value. You can buy 4000 credits from This for That @10%, which means, you pay Rs.400, and go ahead with the swap. These credits will be transferred to the fellow swapper’s account and they can use it in a similar situation anytime they want 
    3. Swap two or more items for one: If the item you like is of a greater value than the one you are offering for the swap, you can also combine two or more items to make the total value equal to the item you want. Please remember you can only add a maximum of 4 items in a swap
      For eg: You like a bag worth 4000 credits from someone’s closet and you have a bag worth 3000 credits and a dress worth 1000 credits. In this case, you can combine the two items to proceed with the swap
    4. Swap an item for item+credits: In case your item/items combined do not match the value of the item you want to swap, credits will automatically get added to make good any shortage
      For Eg: You like a bag worth 4000 credits from someone’s closet and you have a bag worth 3000 credits but there is nothing else in your close that you can offer. In this case you can choose to swap with your bag (worth 3000 credits) and 1000 credits will get added automatically to help you proceed with the swap
  2. Credits in the shipping process: We charge a nominal shipping fee which varies for each product category. Once you get ready to pay shipping on your item, we show you an entire break up of your shipping costs. In case you are clubbing more than one items for a swap, we charge a nominal add on rate for such additions. This includes a pick up from your place and a drop to your fellow swapper’s place and a subsequent pick up from their place and a drop to your place. For temporary swaps, this cost doubles because we also take the responsibility of a reverse pick and drop at the end of the swap period
    You can make use of any existing credits that you might have in your account or purchase them afresh from This For That.
3. How do I purchase credits?
Click on the buy credits icon at the bottom of the app. Enter details; proceed to checkout after paying through our secure payment gateway. Credits purchased will be added to your account under My Credits. Credits can be purchased from This for That at a nominal rate of 10%. For eg: If you need 3000 credits, you just need to pay Rs. 300
4. Why should I swap for credits?
Since credits can be used in any swap and for paying convenience charge, it’s perfectly sensible to swap for credits. Just in case you don’t have enough stuff in your closet to keep swapping or if you really like an item from someone else’s closet but they don’t like anything from yours, credits will ensure you can still go ahead with the swap. So don’t hesitate if a fellow swapper initiates a credit swap. It’s a win-win!
5. What is Minimum Balance requirement?
We start off every This For That Swapper with a 1000 free credits in their account. Once this amount is consumed, you need to maintain 1000 credits in your account. These credits will stay in your account and will be used only when the swap request is accepted.
6.When are credits refunded?
Credits are refunded in following scenarios
a. In case of any legitimate return due to reasons mentioned in the Returns section, the credits purchased by you will be credited back to your account in full
b. In case of cancellation of swap due to reasons mentioned in The Swapping section, any credits that you might have transferred to the fellow swapper’s account or used for paying shipping, will be credited back to your account
c. In case of cancellation of swap due to misrepresentation or failure to disclose full information, shipping credits will be deducted from the account of the person in the wrong
7.Can I earn free credits?
Yes! There several ways to earn free credits on This For That. Aside of the promos we do from time to time, you can earn credits with every upload, swap and helpful response to the fashion SOSes. Read all about it in the Rewards and Titles section.


This for That is not a buying and selling platform and we do not take any commissions for swaps. We step in to settle issues of returns and damages only because we want this community to be built on trust and transparency. Our role is that of an arbitrator. The platform will not be liable to reimburse any cash for goods damaged or returned. We urge all our users to be cautious while swapping. Read the item description in detail, ask questions, use the message feature extensively and make an informed decision. For anything else, we are here to help!

In case of temporary swaps, we expect members to treat products with utmost care, so as to prevent any damage or loss for the lending member. However, in case of any damage, the member in the wrong shall make good the damage as agreed upon mutually. The platform is not liable for the same. We appreciate and urge transparency and dialogue between members so these situations can be handled maturely, without causing any discord.

At the time of drop, we hand over a sealed packet to you. This packet is sealed by your fellow swapper and delivered to you as is. If at the time of opening your swapped goods, you find anything wrong, you are expected to raise a return request within 24 hours of delivery. Returns can be raised for the following reasons:

  1. The item in question is not the one you chose to swap. Eg: you were promised a dress but given shoes
  2. The item in question is not the same colour as the one promised. Returns here happen only if there is a drastic difference in colours. For instance, you were promised a red and you got a yellow. Returns will not be accepted if the other party had amply described the colour and you simply don’t like it upon receiving
  3. The item is not in the same condition as promised. For instance someone said never used and the item turns out all spotted, dirty and/or damaged. If the other party had explained and detailed out problems with the item, no returns shall take place
  4. The item in question is not the same size as promised. This is why we urge all our members to be completely honest and forthcoming. If a certain piece is an S but also fits M, please say so. Be as elaborate as possible. Discuss over message before taking a final decision. If the party had described the fit and upon receiving the item you find it still doesn’t fit you, returns shall not take place
  5. If the item is a fake/imitation. At This for That we have zero tolerance for fakes. Our team of curators is constantly looking at the member closets to ensure fakes, if any, are spotted and removed immediately. If any such thing comes to your notice, please inform us and we’ll take necessary steps

Please note these are only indicators to point members in the right direction.

1. How do I raise a return request?
If you want a return for any of the above reasons, please raise a return request within 24 hours of delivery. You can go to my swaps and click on the swap for which you want to raise a request. Hit the return request button at the bottom of the page and submit your request. Our team will validate your claim and either accept or reject your request. If your request is accepted, all credits associated with the swap will be returned to your account, except if we have already delivered your product, then we will unfortunately not be able to return your shipping credits because the transaction has been successfully completed from our end. However, in any of the above mentioned cases, we deduct reverse shipping credits only from the person who has misrepresented information in any way or given a faulty product.
2. How can I claim damages?
First of all, damages can only be claimed for items swapped on a temporary basis. On a permanent basis question of claiming damages does not arise. We encourage both swappers in a temporary swap to be very clear on the swap rules. And in a community like ours, it is expected of every member to respect the rules. In case a member does not abide by the rules, set by the fellow swapper, you can request the platform to arbitrate. We will verify the claim through our own process and then suggest a suitable course of action.


For the convenience of our members, we’ve partnered with a hassle free delivery service.  We charge a nominal delivery fee which varies basis the type and number of products you are swapping. Credits can be purchased @ 10% from the platform. This includes pick up from and drop to your place.

1. When will the swapped item get delivered to me?
After the pick-up, the swapped item will be delivered to you within 5-7 working days. Please bear with us in case of delays because our deliveries depend upon the other member’s swiftness. We urge every member to be swift with getting items picked up because just like you, there is someone on the other end waiting for their delivery.
2. Who do I contact in case of delays?
In case you don’t receive a swapped item within 5 days of the pick-up, please email us at [email protected] and we will look in to the matter immediately
3.I already have credits in my account. Do I still need to purchase credits for shipping?
If you have sufficient credits in your account, you don’t need to buy any additional credits. The requisite credits will be automatically deducted once you reach the pay shipping stage.
4. Do I need to pack my item myself?
Yes. You need to pack your item yourself. This For That is an eco friendly brand and taking this philosophy forward, we have eliminated This For That delivery bags from the process. We urge you to recycle any bags, plastics, newspapers or bubble wrap that you have back home, to help us reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. 
  • Pack your item carefully. Pack your item with utmost care, just as you would when shipping out stuff to a friend! Use bubble wrap for fragile items and shoe bags for things like shoes. The delivery guy will take the packed item, exactly the way you hand it over and insert it in a delivery bag and seal it in front of you. This package will only be opened by your fellow swapper. This is our way of ensuring there are no complains about the condition of the item being swapped
  • Print out a fragile sticker if your item is fragile: We email a fragile sticker to you with every shipping email. Please take a print of it at your end and hand it over to the delivery guy in case you are shipping a fragile item. Make sure you bubble wrap the item and then insert it in a paper bag before handing it over. Do inform the delivery guy that he needs to stick the sticker on the bag.


Fashion SOS is the ultimate place on This For That to seek any kind of fashion help you need. You can post a query, a request, a picture and ask our lovely Community for any sort of advice. This For That also offers its expert advice on specific queries. Our fashion editors and beauty experts have worked very hard to search information for a number of issues girls face with fashion and beauty. Expect a prompt reply to your query from our in house expert team!

1.What kind of SOSes can I post?
Anything related to fashion and beauty that’s making you lose sleep can be posted in this section. Some examples of SOSes are:
  • Need something urgently for a party/occasion: Post a picture or describe your requirement and let the community offer you things from their wardrobes. This is one SOS every girl would want to post, often ;)
  • Need a solution to a beauty/fashion issue: Broke your highlighter, mascara dried up, the zip on your denims has come undone, can’t find a designer for your friend’s wedding, got an oil stain on your shirt that you can’t remove? Whatever your issue, the Community will offer solutions!
  • Need fashion advice: What can I team up with a white shirt, do stripes look good on a pear shaped body, trial room dilemmas! Anything at all that you’re confused about, click a picture, shoot a post and you’ll get help!
  • Share hacks you swear by: While SOS typically is for help, you’re more than welcome to offer help in advance by sharing hacks you’ve tried and that work well for you. We all have a few tricks up our sleeve that can be useful for the community
2. What can I not post under SOS?
While the SOS in an open forum, it just doesn’t make sense to post inappropriate stuff that can turn other people off. If you spot a post that you feel is in bad taste, be sure to flag it off and our team will look in to it


Earn free credits and titles every time you use the app, upload, swap, review and answer a fashion SOS. This is how:

1. Credits for uploading:
You earn 10 credits for each upload. You also earn free credits for every upload milestone you hit:
  • On reaching first 10 uploads: 50 credit points
  • On reaching first 50 uploads: 100 credit points
  • On reaching first 100 uploads: 500 credit points

You have a week to use these credits before they expire. The clock starts from the minute your upload is approved or from the time you hit the milestone.

2. Credits for swapping:
You earn 100 credits for each successful swap. You also earn free credits and special titles for every swap milestone you hit:
  • On completing first 5 swaps: 500 credit points and Title- Star Swapper
  • On completing first 10 swaps: 1000 credit points and Title- Super Star Swapper
  • On completing first 50 swaps: 2500 credit points and Title- Queen Swapper

You have a week to use these credits before they expire. The clock starts from the minute your upload is approved or from the time you hit the milestone.

3. Credits for logging in to the app:
You earn 10 credits for every day that you login, but you must login 7 consecutive days to avail these. 70 credits will be credited to your account at the end of 7 days. If you fail to login on 7 consecutive days, you’ll have to begin from the start. Again you have a one week window to use these credits.


We have our own way of ensuring that the profiles and people on this community are legitimate. This is how we do it:

  1. Verified id: All members are required to sign in with their facebook profiles, which is step one of the verification
  2. Common friends: We show you common friends, if any, with members on the platform. This ensures, you can always check with them on the member’s credentials before engaging in a swap
  3. Messaging: Through our in app messaging, we always encourage our members to have a fair dialogue with other members while swapping. Any hitches should be discussed upfront to ensure a great sharing experience for all
  4. Full disclosure: While uploading an item, we ask several mandatory questions which ensure you get each and every detail about the item you’re swapping. We also encourage members to come forth with any information that might be relevant to the swap
  5. Listing review: Every item that is uploaded by the members is first submitted for review. Only once the listing is verified by our curation team, does it get uploaded
  6. Ratings by fellow swappers: We request users to rate their swapping experience with fellow swappers. This way other swappers can judge a swapper from the ratings they have received
  7. Safe deliveries: We want you to feel secure when swapping on This for That. When you use our delivery services, our delivery partner will get in touch with you and fix up a time convenient to you, for the pick-up. Simultaneously, a pick-up will be scheduled with the other swapper. Delivery will happen only once both the pickups have taken place. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the other swapper couriering their stuff while you courier yours. Only once items have been received and accepted by both parties, do we confirm the swap


1. How do I edit my information?
Go to Menu on the top left of the app. Click on My Account, then go to My Profile. Edit by clicking on the edit icon at the top right of the page.
2. How do I delete my account?
Not that we’d ever want you to leave but if you must, go to Menu on the top left of the app. Click on My Settings, then click on Delete Account.
3. What happens once my account is deleted?
Once deleted, all information on your account will disappear. You’ll have to recreate your profile in case you want to join back in.